Therapeutic Arts

Paper collage of images representing both mental burnout and artistic creativity with a white on black banner for the Tilted Windmills Healing Centre

I have long believed that everyone can benefit from having a creative practice—regardless of whether they consider themselves to be “artistic“ or not. 

Throughout my life I have experienced the ways that my own creative practice has benefitted my mental health. This has included everything from dealing with corporate burnout to speeding my recovering from a random seizure to simply helping me regulate some of that overarching anxiety that has arisen because of the pandemic. I knew that when I put brush to paint that I felt better, but it wasn't until I completed my Therapeutic Arts Practitioner certification that I really understood why an art practice can have such a positive impact.

Creating art has the power to tickle our brains, shake loose hidden insights and help us explore, express and evolve into the best version of ourselves.

In May of 2021, my husband and I created our own mental health family practice called the Tilted Windmills Healing Centre. We are an online psychotherapy and therapeutic arts initiative. Through our work we seek to celebrate difference and support the paths of those who are different, whether those differences come in the form of disability, gender nonconformity, sexuality, race or something else.

Learn more about my offerings at Tilted Windmills which include: