Storm Chasers

"Storm Chasers", landscape painting of a tornado cloud outside of Calgary

The first time a tornado warning came up on my cellphone my reaction was basically "There's a what now?!"

I'd only lived in Calgary for a little over 2yrs, so as a former west coaster I was still getting used to the idea of extreme weather. Things like ultra-bitter cold... golfball sized hail... tornadoes...

At the same time though, I do love a good storm.

This painting commission was based on a photo taken by the owners of Five’21 Coffee Roasters of a tornado that swung close to Calgary in July 2020. During the middle of a global pandemic, they were able to create an extraordinary memory that their kids will be able to treasure for a lifetime.

"Storm Chasers"
12" x 12" acrylic on canvas
Completed: October 2020

You can find this painting included in my 2022 Fine Art Wall Calendar